Carrie Lou Arnold began her studies in 1999 at The International Professional School of Bodywork(IPSB) in San Diego, CA. She completed the AS in Holistic Health and Massage Therapy program and went on to teach at IPSB until 2008. Carrie Lou had maintained an eclectic private practice, specializing in Thai Massage, Somatic Bodywork, Prenatal Massage and Structural Integration.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage originated in the temples of Thailand, practiced by Buddhist monks as a meditative healing practice.The work involves a series of gentle rocking, yogic stretches, and rhythmic compressions along energy lines, very similar to Chinese meridians. Sessions are a two hour meditation journey. $150


Somatic Bodywork

Somatic Bodywork emphasizes the powerful relationship between facilitator and client as a primary healing tool and seeks to counter the effects of injury and trauma on the bodymind. Somatic work is an unique blend of hands on techniques and tools such as journaling, art, dance, prayer, song, ceremony, and story telling. This work supports those seeking emotional balance, reintegration after PTSD, releasing of traumatic experiences, and bodymind integration. 1Hour $80 2 hour $150


Structural Integration

Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing, is a ten session series that systematically reorganizes the body through touch, movement, and awareness. This work is deep, crossing through the superficial layers of the skin into the the fascia and core of the body.  I have developed a unique approach to Structural Integration, using a 'Yin' touch; my intention being to gently guide and encourage my clients to seek integration. This work specifically explores the concepts of geometry and gravity as they manifest and effect the human form. 10 sessions/$900