December 2017




Yule is coming and we gather again in the Red Tent to make prayers of peace and happiness, to welcome the holy days of all peoples. This event will be a little different. After our time in the Red Tent we will have a pop up shop showcasing sisters in our community, their art and medicines. Bring extra cash, support our crafty sisters and get your holiday shopping done.  

We need 2 people to help set up and clean up in exchange for free attendance. $20 per person cash at the door or PayPal Bring a pillow to sit on and wear warm layers it may get cold in the afternoon.


winter solstice family gathering


Join us for a community day in the woods to celebrate the return of the Light. We'll have a craft project for the kids and a ceremony for all followed by a potluck. Bring a healthy homemade dish to share and warm clothes for the afternoon. This event is free to all community members, their partners, children and friends. 


November 2017


Bridge Temple Yurt Warming


On Sunday, November 19th, we invite you to join us in celebrating the birth of the next incarnation of #BridgeTemple at our new forest sanctuary located on sacred land in the Cleveland National Forest in Descanso, CA...Details to come, sign up for our mailing list on our website
In addition to sharing our new space, we will also be introducing a new offering, Kava: Nectar of Evolutionary Creativity, a new medicinal tea blend that has helped us a great deal to find nourishing moments of peace and connection within and relate with others from that place, especially in times of transition. We will be donating 100% of ticket sales and Kava sales for this event to disaster relief organizations in Puerto Rico and really hope to sit in sacred circle and celebrate with you then...blessings!


October 2017


Elder Farm samhain red tent


Sisters, the time of the new year, Samhain, is upon us.
We will gather in the Red Tent as the veils thins to honor our ancestors, the ancestors that keep the Land at Elder Farm and celebrate the death of this year and set intentions for the new year. 
Bring a picture or talisman of your ancestors, your tarot cards or sacred items to charge on our altar, offerings of flowers and an ancestral dish for our potluck.

Ask your family members for traditional recipes, or find a cookbook dedicated to your ancestral lineage.
We'll make an altar to our beloved departed in the woods and story share over lunch, exploring the teachings of our foremothers and messages from beyond the veil. 
We need 2 people to help set up and clean up in exchange for free attendance. $20 per person cash at the door or PayPal Bring a pillow to sit on and wear warm layers it may get cold in the afternoon.



September 2017




The golden meadow, crisp mornings and busy bees tell us Autumn is upon us and it is a time of changes. The acorns are dropping and reminding me it's time to prepare, time to gather, time to soak up the final warm afternoons. 
Join us for a day of sisterhood under the oaks. We'll share and laugh, sing and cry, be side by side for the journey.
We have another sister to honor in her journey to motherhood and we will take time to celebrate her pregnancy and birthing process. 

With the tragic events in Mexico City this week we are seeing an immediate need in the community for donations of cash to assist family in Mexico. Some of our favorite sisters have family in Mexico City. I am donating all proceeds from this Red Tent to a go fund me campaign run by a sister in our community who will be traveling to Mexico next week.
If you are unable to attend you can still make a donation in any amount.
Light snacks and tea provided. Bring a pillow to sit on and herbs or flower petals for the salt bowl. 
$20 cash at the event or PayPal
3 Volunteers to arrive early for set up and stay after for clean up needed.



August 2017




The turning of the wheel has brought us to the season of harvest, the time to glean wisdom from the seeds planted. Summer is waning, the nights are chilly and the mornings crisp. We are preparing our bodies for the transition time of Autumn and soon the deep sleep of winter.
The land here is preparing too. Flowers are dropping their petals and making their seed. The green grass of spring is now golden and crunchy and this summer in particular has brought incredible transformation to the farm. 
Meet us in the ruddy shade of our Red Tent to cast the circle once more and honor the sacred sisterhood we have formed. Come be with us in the oak grove to call the names of the olde ones- the gods and goddesses of our grandmothers- that are with us still, maybe now more than ever before. 
Our theme for this month is HARVEST. Contemplate what you have planted this year, how you nurtured those seeds and how will you harvest the crop. What intentions did you set and how are they coming to fruition? What choices did you make throughout the year to care for those dreams? 
We will have the salt bowl ceremony once again, please bring fresh or dried herbs and flowers from your garden that are free of pesticides. Bring a pillow to sit on and your sacred objects to charge on our altar. Herbal infusions, water and light snack provided. 
Arrive by 1 pm, ceremony begins at 1:30. 
$20 cash at the event or via PayPal

I'm looking for 3 volunteers to arrive early and stay late to assist with set up and clean up.