Rose Glycerite


Rose Glycerite


1 oz.

Ingredients: Organic Red Rose Petals, Organic Vegetable Glycerine and distilled water. 

Ceremoniously Hand Crafted in small, seasonal batches using only Organic ingredients, this sweet nectar warms the Heart and always makes me smile.  Rose, the Flower of the Goddess, brings a soft sweetness to a tender heart. She supports us as we ebb and flow through emotional waters, in times of 

joyous celebration as well as grief and sadness. Rose medicine has a soft Magick, delicate yet potent, as if the Divine Mother manifested Herself perfectly in this dainty powerhouse. 

I've crafted this Red Rose Petal Glycerite to be a messenger of the Mother. She will always be there to soothe the crying babe, to calm frazzled nerves, to ease the wounded heart. Rose Glycerite can be used: to bring a general relief from tension, stress, emotional overload and grief for Mama's who didn't get enough sleep, for toddlers dealing with emotions bigger than them, for nurslings who need comfort though teething. Rose has many bonds to the Divine Feminine and all Her attributes. Basically, this Glycerite is for everyone, all time!

"The wild rose blossoms spoke of womb medicine, the deep, dark medicine of feminine power."

 -Susun Weed

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